National War Memorial Park -  Home of Compassion Crèche Strengthening & Restoration

Heritage Building strengthening

We were very excited to be chosen to undertake such a complex and prestigious project. With the brick building having a Grade One heritage listing, and needing to be moved for the Memorial Park. This is a technical strengthening project requiring a build team that can work with heritage fabric and undertake strengthening works.

Wilson Commercial has been contracted to:

  • Complete all heritage fabric removal and reinstatement
  • Fully strengthen the building and install the new structural steel subfloor frame to carry the internal wall and floor loads out to the base isolated perimeter structure.
  • Complete restoration of the brick and plaster exterior using traditional materials in line with heritage requirements

Heritage Building strengtheningStage One (prior to building move):

This has been a complex strengthening project involving:

  • Heritage fabric removal for reuse
  • Large volume excavation inside the building – an extremely confined space

    Seismic strengthening to existing brick structure including:
  • FRP wrap to walls and vertical carbon bars
  • Helifix retro ties to tie the exterior brick skin to the internal skin
  • Vertical steel dowels to parapets
  • Installation of new ceiling level diaphragm within the roof space.
  • Subfloor structural steel and new timber framing while supporting internal load bearing walls.

Creche strengtheningStage Two (post building move):

  • Form insitu concrete rattle space including steel cover plates
  • Supply and install Teflon sliders (part of base isolation CRISS system)
  • Reinstall interior heritage fabric
  • Completely restore the exterior of the building including paint stripping, repointing re-plastering and re-roofing,

Being one of the very few brick buildings to be moved in New Zealand, and knowing that it will form part of the National Memorial Park in time for the 100 year Gallipoli Anniversary, has meant a lot to the Wilson team.


Creche completed