318 Oriental Parade, Structural and Cladding Remediation

  • Six story apartment block, plus basement
  • Replacement of structure to front end of building (structural steel and concrete)
  • Façade reclad including: steel fire windows, aluminium joinery and aluminium façade paneling
  • Upgrades within existing building to meet fire code, including: smoke alarms, fire rating riser, concrete speed wall, and fire rated fabric screens.
  • Fit out works
  • Included works with in Wellington Electricity transformer room
  • Services isolations and re-instatement
  • Restricted working times
  • Occupied Building with multiple tenants

After being awarded the contract after a tender process, works commenced on site in July 2016. Initial works involved installation of hoardings with in tenanted apartments; installing full façade scaffold over foot path and neighbouring buildings; then demolition work to strip the building right back to the structure.

The front three meters of the entire building then had to be fully propped while the existing rusted structural steel was removed. A new structure was then installed from basement level up to the roof. This was a mixture of structural steel and concrete works. The remaining parts of the existing structure and the new structural steel connections were then sand blasted and zinc arc sprayed on site to improve durability (image right).

The reclad works are currently under way and involve: timber framing; installation of steel fire windows, installation of aluminium joinery, and aluminium composite panel rain screen. There are also works underway throughout the building, from basement – through apartments and common areas, to meet the current fire code.