130 Vivian Street: Fire and Seismic Upgrade of Mixed-Use Multi Story Building

  • Seven story multi use reinforced concrete frame building with post tension floors
  • Located adjacent State Highway 1 in central city
  • 320m3 new foundation beam
  • 4 Steel K- frames 8.2m wide by 23m tall.
  • Upgrades within existing building to meet fire code, including: adding sprinklers through out, smoke alarms, fire rating riser shaft.
  • Site works
  • Services isolations and re-instatement. Including new power mains and data feeds
  • Occupied Building with multiple tenants

The project was won following a tender process, works commenced on site October 2016.
As the building has remained occupied through-out the works the first task on site was establishing a secure site and defined safe access for tenants.

The project has 2 main scopes of work. The first being Fire upgrade which involves installing a sprinkler system through out the building and upgrading the existing fire alarm system. This work has significant interface with tenants as we are working in occupied apartments and office areas.

The Seismic upgrade works are the larger scope and involve the formation of a new 2.2m x 1.6m wide reinforced concrete perimeter foundation beam around the full building. This transfers the seismic loads imposed on the buildings 4 new structural  steel K-frames to the ground.

These works would be relatively simple on a new build but as the existing building occupies 90% of the site and is on a busy inner city corner, methodology, planning and staging are key to the successful delivery of this project.