Major excavation to add new apartment and garaging underneath Oriental Bay property

This was a technically difficult project due to the size and weight of the existing structure, and the large amount of temporary structural work required while excavation was completed underneath.


The concrete garage at the front of the house and the 130m2 apartment on the first level of the house are completely new and were dug out underneath the original existing structure.

The second floor apartment was also completely gutted and refitted with: two new tiled bathrooms, new kitchen, new internal balcony and sliding louvers to the front elevation.

Both levels were re-clad with all new double glazed timber joinery, the exterior was repainted and the site fully-landscaped.

The entire building project was completed without any damage to the top-level apartment that had been renovated four years earlier.

The project was successfully completed within the 12-month contract time.


During excavation