“We consider that the closeness of price to budget and actual to estimated time were a direct reflection of the work that Grant put in at the beginning of the project to understand the plans and the house as it was, and his detailed and robust planning.

Grant retains a strong core team, each of whom brought the same values: focusing on our needs as the customer, bringing thoughtful and practical options to the table for consideration and maintaining the high quality of work.”


“We were immensely impressed with Grant’s ability to manage his team and coordinate his subcontractors. Grant and his team were committed, diligent, and professional. Importantly, we are extremely pleased with the end result, and have no hesitation in recommending Wilson Building. We would certainly use them in the future and continually praise them to friends and family.”

We agreed a date for the project to start and Grant kept me informed on the lead up to those dates so that I could manage my tenants and in the end, we started the project a week early. Throughout the project I felt that I was kept fully informed and have a lot of confidence in Grant, his team and the subcontractors he used."


“Grant was able to give independent advice around design, pricing and previous experiences, especially with earthquake strengthening type projects. Grant’s pricing was accurate and he communicated the process well.

I was very impressed with Grant’s proactive, and calculated approach to the various solutions he offered. The project started on time and Grant managed the building process with professionalism.”


“Grant ensured his team accommodated their work around the requirements of a professional healthcare environment where patient confidentiality and privacy is paramount.

The workmen were clean and tidy and respectful to the premises by protecting surfaces with drop sheets and I was always grateful for Grant's insistence on "boots off at the door" policy.”


“As ‘an inconvenienced neighbour’ during the major and lengthy construction job across the street from us I am pleased to provide a reference to you for significantly lessening that inconvenience. Instead of months of construction becoming the imagined nightmare for us, you personally ensured that the experience was as painless as possible. Your pleasant personality, along with the positive attitude of your staff made the worksite a happy and friendly one. The fact that you diligently cleaned up outside not only the work site, but in front of our property, every Friday meant that we always had a neat and tidy frontage going into the weekend. You were always available to answer our questions of ‘what next’ and ‘for how long’.

It was a pleasure having you in the neighbourhood and I miss you, your crew and our clean frontage. Now I have to take care of it myself, and to your exacting standards.”